Intruders (2016) Quick Review


  • Jan. 15th, 2016
  • Thriller / Horror
  • 90 Minutes


Intruders follows Anna who after not living the house for 10+ years after the death of her ill brother she watched over isn’t able to leave the house during his funeral. At home suffering alone she soon realizes her house has been targeted for a robbery by several men looking for money assuming she isn’t home. What they don’t know however is hiding behind her fear of leaving her house however is a dark secret that her and the house holds that they could of never imagined.

Now leaving the basic story at that this is a film that one should go into without watching trailers or reading too much into as to avoid spoilers. Intruders does a good job at making the story interesting once it gets started kicking into a mix of a thriller with minor elements of horror films thrown in for good measure.

Cast wise not much here is done too great but Rory Culkin, Leticia Jimenez, and Jack Kesy manage to carry the film enough to not draw it into the depth of most smaller films with bad acting. Not Intruders isn’t all great though as some elements of the story including why she doesn’t leave the house never truly gets explained go into reason.

At the end of though Intruders throw enough of a twist on the home invasion film genre to make it worth a recommendation. Just go into it knowing little about it and you’ll walk away surprised.


Score :



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