The Last Witch Hunter Review


  • Oct. 23rd, 2015
  • 1 Hour 46 Minutes
  • Action / Adventure


The Last Witch Hunter is an attempt to throw Vin Diesel at us in another hopeful action series while instead we are given a mixing pot of things where no one particular item seems to work.

We follow Kaulder (Vin Diesel) who as the title says is The Last Witch Hunter, a member of a clan whose goal it was to stop the witch queen from bringing a black death upon the world. Upon defeating her though and being the only one left standing he was also cursed with being immortal. Fast forward to modern day where Kaulder is mainly tracking down the last few random witches when the witch queen is brought back to life and goes after Kaulder.

Now with that somewhat generic story the film makes almost no attempt at creating anything interesting with it. We are given a slew of side characters none of which are particularly interesting or memorable and the story itself gives us viewers nothing to be intrigued with. I found myself not caring at all about the story or the random plot holes. An interesting fact though is that the film would given skip over facts we should know or give us too much info about certain things never really seeming to know what to tell the audience.


Cast wise Vin Diesel plays the same role he has been doing for years the big action guy with a grunting voice that’s hard to understand. Michael Caine gets the best brief role as a priest while Elijah Wood seems to go from embarrassed to clearly phoning it in.

For being an action film though with some decent special effects mainly regarding the look of the queen witch the action scenes in this film are a bore. They seem too far paced being them with the scenes themselves being quickly cut and not fast enough to make it intriguing.

Overall The Last Witch Hunter seems to be the attempt at starting a new franchise but after the wreckage of this film I’d be surprised if we see the story of Kaulder return anytime soon.


Score :



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