The Boy Review


  • Jan. 22nd, 2015
  • 1 Hour 37 Minutes
  • Horror


The Boy is a horror film that follows Greta (played by Lauren Cohen) who on a mission to get away from previous events that have transpired in her life takes up a nanny job out in a mansion far away from city life. When she gets there however she soon finds out that instead of a child she will be watching a doll named Brahms that the parents believe is their child who died in a fire as a young boy. After receiving a very specific list on rules to follow with Brahms she soon starts to notice things happen throughout the house that makes her believe that this doll may be more then just a lifeless doll.

Now before I truly break this film apart I will say that for the most part Lauren Cohen does a good job in her leading role here. By no means is she amazing but compared to a lot of leading female roles in recent horror films she is near the top. There are only a couple characters other then her anyway and they all become instantly forgettable.


Now The Boy itself as a film seems to want to be two different films. The first 3/4ths of the film are so think it is a tense suspenseful jump scare horror film building tension. Instead it is one slow brooding boring film. The pacing of it drags on so much that I nearly found myself zoning out trying to keep my attention focused on this. When the big twist reveal though happens it is like the film had just drank a case of red bull and starts going 100 MPH. Now it certainly gains one attention but not by necessarily doing it the right way.

Brahms the doll though is a decent tool to use in the film though and most certainly better then the other big doll film of recent times titled “Anabelle”. Once the end of the film comes though I felt as if they completely destroyed the allure of the doll itself in the twist.

The Doll in the end is another less then stellar PG13 horror film. With a horribly slow paced majority of the film mixed with a mediocre twist that speeds the film through in a rush this isn’t something I would strongly recommend. It is still better then Annabelle though so it does have something going for it.


Score :



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