#Horror Review

  • Nov. 20th, 2015
  • 101 Minutes
  • Horror


#Horror is a film that tries to develop a huge message and really push something the entire film but ultimately falls flat in so many ways.

#Horror attempts to follow the message of cyber bullying by following a night at a slumber party with some 12 year old girls who after constant torment and ridicule turns deadly when one finally loses it and starts taking the girls out one by one while posting it all to social media for the world to see. Now they attempt to try to show the message of social media and bullying taking over yet more times then not the director seems to not truly know what he is going for. You get scenes fueled with early teenage hatred and mockery then the next moment sincere near confessions between them all. Throw in the fact that in the end every girl in the film suffer from some tiresome cliche that is in every other slasher film doesn’t add to the originality here.

So minding the cluster that is a coherent storyline, for some reason maybe in an attempt to keep your attention are constant camera cuts mixed with bright flashes to signal the social media they are using flashed across the screen in a seizure inducing attempt. After maybe the 3rd time of seeing it flashed across the screen it will make you want to just cut the movie off already, which isn’t a bad idea.

Don’t depend on the actors to add anything to the film either. Even though it is a cast of children primarily they are made to be the most annoying unlikable batch of characters in a recent film I can remember. I will give credit to Timothy Hutton for playing the crazy father in this film and giving the most over the top performance of the film but also the most fun the film has in one scene alone.

By the climax the film had failed to deliver anything special for me and failed to hit any deep seated meaning. What I instead had gotten was a generic slasher that thought it was a lot more then it turned out to be. This is just one film I can’t recommend.


Score :



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