Autopsy – Skull Grinder Review

  • Peaceville Records
  • Nov. 27th, 2015
  • Death Metal


Strung up and Gutted     
Skull Grinder      
Children of the Filth          
Sanity Bleeds     
The Withering Death     
Waiting for the Screams     
Return to Dead     
Autopsy are no strangers to metal, leading as one of death metals oldest and finest acts they are a well respected bunch. Coming off of two full length albums I rather enjoyed comes their new EP titled “Skull Grinder” which I feel could be split down the middle as almost two separate sounding records.

Starting off with tracks like “Strung Up And Gutted” along with “Skull Grinder” show off the death metal side that most have known to love. They feature blasting drums and fast riff filled guitars followed by Reifert’s deep heavy vocal style one would assume this EP will be a beater all the way through. Quickly however one starts to see different with tracks like “Sanity Bleeds” and “The Withering Death” which take a different route then the previous fast in your face attitudes that were already displayed. These tracks have a slower more sludgy and doom like sound to them. They aren’t horrible but I feel bring the album down a notch while taking you out of the aggression the beginning of the EP puts you in. The standout track comes later on in the form of “Waiting For The Screams” which is just a heavy yet melodic death metal track through and through.

Overall while this EP may not be horrible it’s varied enough to feel like a mixed bag never achieving perfection in one thing. Worthwhile for diehard fans but for newcomers I’d refer them to previous full lengths.


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