Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Review

  • Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4
  • Sept, 29th, 2015
  • Robmodo, Distruptive Games, Activision


In the past eras of gaming the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series are pumped out some of the most highly acclaimed games around though in more recent times they attempted to change the series only to lead to huge flops. Now though we have Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, a throwback in an attempt to bring the ever so beloved series back to it’s roots. From the looks of it however they should of just left it alone.

Going back to the old school games, THPS5 has you going through a list of smallish levels completing goals ranging from Simon Says with skate tricks, collecting or destroying things, or putting you a timer to complete various things. Now this is like how the older games were, they did however take away the timer that would end you session and instead give you unlimited time between goals to skate around at your leisure. Sadly though all goals are just rehashed per level and become tiresome quickly.

Gone as well are interested level designs. Every level in the game just feels bland and uninspired. From generic skate park to a beach and a rooftop all levels just feel like they lack the substance for a fun session. No layouts with the intent for insane combos seem to be there but instead just ramps and rails are thrown around. Since THPS5 also has the graphics of a game made 10 years ago you will also notice the spotty textures and muddy looking levels along with constant clipping or seeing your character go through objects. Also with grinding they have implemented a new slam feature that instead of going straight into a grind slams your skater downwards. Now from the visual aspect alone this move looks ridiculous but from a game play standpoint it often killed momentum for me causing me to miss grinds or cause my player to glitch into something.

For being a newer game too THPS5 sure has a lot of moments which take you out of the game. Loading up a goal causes a loud screen as does finishing one. Loading up the instructions for said goal causes a wait, then accepting causes another wait. God forbid you mess up and have to restart because then you must wait again. It really does take you out of the feel of gameplay when occurrences like this constantly occur and from what modern games are doing to avoid these multi second pauses truly shows how far behind times this game is.

Another problem I found as well is that even if you pick single player after doing a goal I was often just thrown back into a online session. By doing so it often made the game slower almost as if it couldn’t handle it sometimes and added unwanted loading. Picking single player then was almost defunct if you wanted to completed objectives. I found the online freeskate pointless as well as it really just was people skating around each other in no one interacting or creating a unique online game at all unless you can get people to do co-op goals with you. Even there however the game is missing some key  online modes that were popular in former games.

From the fact that day one this game needed a major patch to make it even functional threw THPS5 a curve it couldn’t avoid. Even with the patch however the frame rate issues, glitches, technical pop ups and such are so major you just can’t ignore them. They are bad in single player but get almost unbearable with in user created levels sometimes making things unplayable. In single player games you sometimes have to pause and go to the goals option to start a goal because the icon in game won’t work to activate it or the fact that the game sometimes won’t even alert you to know that you unlocked enough stars to go to the next level. THPS5 will go down in 2015 for being one of the most unpolished games.

Overall THPS5 is just one big let down and to ask $60 for a game like this is just a joke. There really is nothing fun here, I found myself having fun skating around for a very minuscule amount of time. The game itself is just behind times, the age where a game like this being acceptable is long past especially when your asking such a high price for it. Adding in how unpolished this is just buries the game. THPS5 is bad, really bad and should be avoided like Tony Hawk Ride was.


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