Turbo Kid Review


  • August 28th, 2015
  • Action
  • 93 Minutes


Turbo Kid is a throwback to what it would be like if Mad Max and Power Rangers had a kid with the blood and gore of Evil Dead in the VHS era and it does great with it.

Plot isn’t something that Turbo Kid dwells too deep into. We follow “The Kid” who is a lone kid in a post apocalyptic wasteland on his own trying to survive. Upon making a new female friend named “Apple” and stumbling upon a outfit and weapon that practically turns him into his favorite comic book hero, The Kid ends up in a battle across the wasteland facing an evil overlord.

You’ll see most twists coming from the film and while the plot may not be deep or much new it does the job of keeping you involved in the story. What it does have though is its charm. From The Kid who becomes a likable character, to the deserted world where bikes are the transportation method to a group of villains straight out of a 80’s film. It may not scream original but it makes it all work for it.

What really works best for the film are three things; Apple, the soundtrack and the gore. Apply (played by Laurence Leboeuf) is one of the most poppy, cheery, funny, and most lovable characters in recent memory. She’s truly brightens up each scene she is in and is a real delight to watch. The soundtrack is the lovechild of pure 80’s synth music and fits the film and style it’s going for it great. To top it off though are the action scenes while being comical at times are just filled with blood and gore galore. The end fight scene and arena scene will have you cheering and smiling at the gore and homage to it’s predecessor films that inspired it.

My major gripe with the film however is the pacing. Often times between action scenes or enticing character scenes I thought the film began to drag on. I might have been expecting more action in the film and I believe it could have used such. Since the pace of the film had began to slow it would draw me out of the film more then it should of.

Overall though Turbo Kid is a great throwback to 80’s VHS style action films. With some great gore, an amazing soundtrack and some lovable characters this ends up being a entertaining viewing and one that I would recommend.


Score :




Press Pass Provided By Wizard World & Film Viewed As Part Of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival


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