Body Review

  • January 15th, 2015
  • Thriller
  • 75 Minutes


Body seemed to be the oddball film of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival as it wasn’t horror but instead more of a gripping thriller drama.

We follow three college friends home for the holidays when instead of calling it a early night decide to go out and have fun. After following one friends idea to go to what they assume is a empty mansion one little situation randomly occurs that throws the entire night sprawling downward with each friend making a different story about what is happening and each plotting a different way to handle it.

What makes Body such a good film though is the progress of the story as it develops. Once the film starts rolling it doesn’t stop. I found myself sitting there watching each girl plot what to do and trying to figure out what could possibly happen as Body has such a story that it could play out in a thousand different ways.

Just as the story develops you also see each character change and show their true ways as everything starts to pile up. The characters you see at the beginning of the film almost couldn’t be farther then the end product.

Body is a film that might be hard to write about without giving it away but it’s one film that the less you know about it the better. It’s a thriller that once it starts will hook you in. With a twisting story along with great character progression Body will leave you talking about it for a while.


Score :



Press Pass Provided By Wizard World & Film Viewed As Part Of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival

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