Dead Rising Watchtower Review

  • March 27th, 2015
  • Horror
  • 118 Minutes


Films based off games usually have a bad reputation for being bad so when it was announced that the loved Dead Rising series would be getting a film only to be released on the online video service “Crackle” hopes weren’t set very high. Thankfully however the film managed to impress.

When a government company who produces a vaccine to hold back the zombie virus seemingly fails another zombie outbreak occurs and throws a city in lockdown. Meanwhile a reporter teams up with a girl who can still use the vaccine must team together to make it out alive and get the news out while avoiding zombies, the army, and crazy looters. They try to keep the story moving at a nice pace while never trying to get too deep or complicated.

Surprising though is the violence however. They actually have a good amount of bloody gory and just all around fun zombie slayings as the movie progresses. That plays a part though to the fact that the movie keeps true to the Dead Rising game in certain aspects. We see the giant zombie clown, zombie cops that can random fire their weapon, and eventually makeshift weapons. You also get the casual references to companies and logos that are present in the game series.

The films biggest downfall however is from the cast and how they add or take away from the film. Jesse Metcalfe as Chase does a great job in the lead role. His changing shifts of serious, comical, and sarcastic work great for the style of film. Rob Riggle plays Frank West, a reporter (who in the first Dead Rising game was the main character) who has survived the first zombie takeover. The film cuts over to him in a news studio delivering what is made to funny commentary. Instead we have what is one of the most annoying characters in film this year. Anytime he is on screen it just killed some of the buzz the movie had created.

Overall Dead Rising Watchtower manages to be a fun gory zombie romp that does the game series justice. Being left open for a sequel as well one can just hope that the next in the series increases the balls to the wall factor this one had started.


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