The Story So Far – The Story So Far Review


  • Pop Punk
  • Pure Noise Records
  • May 19th, 2015

2.Heavy Gloom
3. Distaste
4. Solo
5. Mock
6. How You Are
7. Nerve
8. Phantom
9. Scowl
10. Stalemate
Usually a band doesn’t release a self titled after several successful records yet The Story So Far have and by doing so have thus not only showed us their best yet but also showed a new side to The Story So Far.

From the first line of Smile you’ll be able to tell that singer Parker Cannon has gone through something horrible in his personal life to be able to write and belt out these heartfelt lyrics. With a mix of near rage induced fury seemingly infused with the heartache of the loss he suffered. What it results in though is some of the best lyrics and vocals sent out in pop punk in years.

You won’t be finding some super fast happy pop punk songs like previous TSSF albums might have had or like any of the bands associated with them will produce. You have mainly mid tempo songs through that seemingly flow in sometimes a random order. The band really showcases the album to randomly throw a catchy chorus where one might not expect. Speaking of which, for a album so heavily soaked in heartache this is one record that will have you belting out the lyrics with all your heart and singing them even after you’ve stopped listening to it.

Parker and company also show their other musical interests with this album sometimes having that bounce around hardcore beat that is popular in such bands as Turnstile now. Knowing the band and such this comes as no surprise with their roots in the hardcore scene.

In a scene where many bands are seemingly copying each other The Story So Far come out with a curveball and end up knocking it out of the park. With heartfelt lyrics sang out to a perfection, some of the catchiest songs as of lately, and just hit after hit if The Story So Far continue how with this then expect them to continue climbing the pop punk leadership ladder like they already are. This is easily one of the best pop punk records in years.


Score :




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