Hatebreed Live Dominance Review



  • Concert
  • Sept 2nd, 2008
  • 75 Minutes


Hatebreed, being one of the leaders in cross over hardcore / metal for years now decided in 2008 amidst a strong time in their band history to record a live DVD from Harpos in Detroit, MI.

From the start Hatebreed shows off that not only does the band give all they have with their aggression but showcases that a Hatebreed crowd is something to witness. The crowd is shown as being in near constant movement with cheers and sing alongs throughout the set. Front man Jamey Jasta commands the crowd the entire performance and while some might say a DVD might not show how a band really is live they completely captured this Hatebreed show. The sound is perfect and nearly dead on as to how they sound live.

Setlist wise we are treated to a wide variety from songs that aren’t too commonly played anymore to the hits like “Destroy Everything” and “Perseverance”. My only complaint with this DVD is that some of the camera angles used for this can be distracting and take you back from the performance. Sometimes the cuts to what I assume they were trying to make as a pit cam can be hard to watch as it’s just constant movement and blurriness. They will cut sometimes too into multiple frames to show the band close up and the crowd / view from the back.

Overall Live Dominance is a great way to showcase a live Hatebreed set. With great production, a wide set list, and nonstop energy from band and crowd a like this DVD is a must for diehard fans and new fans alike.


Score :



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