Tracers Movie Review

  • Action
  • March 20th, 2015
  • 94 Minutes


Tracers follows Cam (played by Taylor Lautner) who after being wanted by the Chinese mafia for a unpaid debt on a loan runs into a random woman doing parkour he soon gains interest and is thrown in a gang of people committing crimes and escaping with parkour. Now Cam must go between chasing after this new girl, getting the money for the mafia, protecting himself, all while underlining problems within his new gang of friends seem to be arising.

This story for the most part is parkour is taken out is a generic story with bland plot twists. It’s completely forgettable and the parkour is only added to liven it up. I get the feeling Tracers wanted to try and use some of the steam that Sony’s film “Premium Rush” had gained a few years back with extreme biking used in the film. Now the parkour in this film is great to watch and entirely entertaining making it the only reason to truly stick around for this film.

Acting wise we have Twilight alum Taylor Lautner leading the film continuing to try and ride his success wave from years back. He’s by far the best actor in this but that isn’t saying much. I just find his acting very stiff looking. The rest of the supporting cast is filled with nonmemorable roles of generic characters. Really the longer the story in Tracers goes on the more play by numbers it becomes.

Overall the parkour scenes are the only thing in Tracers that makes the film enjoyable in the slightest. With a uninteresting and forgettable story mixed with bland characters Tracers doesn’t have much going to bring it past generic action film.


Score :


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