Scream Season 1 Episodes 1 And 2 Review

  • MTV
  • Episode 1 – June 20th, 2015
  • Episode 2 – July 7th, 2015
  • TV Show / Horror


Quite some time ago it was revealed that MTV would be making a show based off the famous horror franchise “Scream”. Now one would question how not only do you make the Scream films into a weekly TV installment but how do you successfully make a slasher film into a basic cable show. Shockingly the product is a lot better then expected.

It isn’t a surprise that MTV has gave this a modern take with social media playing a large factor in this starting off with recording and sharing intimate moments from other students in a high school. When one girl is found dead though the story starts to unfold revealing that everyone has a hand in something they shouldn’t and there is more to found then others know. Meanwhile they are started to discover that an old tale from the town might be coming back and killing off people one by one.

The story not only works but is actually pretty engrossing. The characters and the actors who play them are good in their role and each have a respective personality and role that makes you want to know more of the story. Just like the films as well so far each episode features one kill. The show itself is quite aware of itself as well constantly making references to how a slasher film would work as a show and such.

My biggest downfall is the new Scream mask. It would of made sense to just use the old one if the show wasn’t so self aware but instead we get a mask which somewhat looks like they stuck a old Scream mask in a microwave and waited for it to melt. It looks generic is all.

Overall so far the show was made a good impression. Now if they can make a good story out of it while keeping the Scream name good with making it a horror slasher show then MTV might have hit an unexpected one. Only time will tell though.


Score :



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