I,Zombie Review


  • PC
  • Dec. 8th, 2014
  • Awesome Games Studios


I, Zombie is a quick small puzzle game on the PC where you take control of a zombie on a small map and are given the task to infect every human around.

It’s a easy concept and something that is clearly decided to just be picked up and learned without thought. They do add harder elements in later levels though. Though there aren’t many good things other then the concept and easy controls here. The game is short and can be beaten rather quickly. It isn’t really even made for long plays as after maybe 15 minutes you’ll find you don’t have the urge to continue. When controlling your character around corners and walls I often found that you were slowed down rather dramatically for no reason. Worse of all though is the unfair AI who can go from simple to overly difficult if even enemies with guns and a big field of vision. One you are being shot you slow down and your health quickly goes making a lot of deaths happen in a frustrating manner.

Overall even for $2 I,Zombie will be worth it for some that plan on playing this a lot but with little content and enough problems to weigh it down I just can’t recommend this one when there are better others like it.


Score :



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