Go Home Dinosaurs Review


  • PC
  • March 14th, 2013
  • Firehose Games


Go Home Dinosaurs a tower defense game where you play a gopher having a barbeque where Dinos then invade in an attempt to take your food.

Visually the game is bright and has a cartoonish childish look to it that soon grows tiresome to look at. The gameplay here is what kills it. It is incredibly slow to play. Unlike most tower defense games now there is no speed up button to advance gameplay forward at a faster pace. So because of this you are forced to trudge through slow moving enemies advancing forward. You also can not upgrade the towers you do build and are forced to find places to put them since they all take up different amounts of spaces and angles.

You also control the main character himself who can go around throwing coconuts at the enemy. The main problem with this game though is just the lack of fun I found myself not having while playing it. Between the slow gameplay and the fact that the game provided little challenge I just found myself growing bored too quickly with not much in game to keep me wanting to advance into the further stages.

Overall there are hundreds and thousands of better tower defense games out there one could play. This one is lacking gameplay features and fun factor while being made for a younger crowd. Even on a Steam sale I just can’t recommend this.


Score :




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