Marvel Zombies Vs Army Of Darkness Review

  • Action
  • 9 Minutes


Marvel Zombies Vs Army Of Darkness is a short fan film made off the idea of the comic run which has a zombified Marvel universe going against Ash from the Evil Dead series.

The story is one huge plot hole ridden mess. We open with Spider Man and Gwen Stacy walking to their car in a parking garage while bringing a bag before being stopped by a zombie Wolverine who then kills Spidey. Thankfully Ash shows up to save Gwen and attempt to take down zombie Wolverine before using Iron Mans hand cannon that’s in the bag to attempt to kill him. It ends with zombie Spidey and zombie Iron Man (which makes no sense in itself) showing up.

It is one giant mess that makes zero sense or ties together at all. It seems to just be a quick solution to bring these characters together. Thankfully the lines delivered (mainly by Ash) are comedic enough to be enjoyable.

Overall for it’s length its enjoyable enough to watch and not think about. Start thinking about it though and it’ll become a lot worse and less enjoyable though.


Score :



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