Screamride Review


  • Xbox 360
  • March 3rd, 2015
  • Frontier Developments / Microsoft Studios


Screamride is a small retail game consisting of 3 mini games. There is no story other then working for an amusement park and using these rides to entertain and thrill the customers. The game is set around 6 locations with each mini game having 4 levels to complete in each locations.

The first mode is named Screamrider, in which you are tasked with using these unlucky attendees to test your coaster and seeing how thrilling it is. You take control of the coaster helping coast it along the rail and boosting at ample times to help maximize the thrill. You can make the coaster ride along the rails on only two wheels and such but also then risk the chance of derailing and watching it plummet to the ground.

Next mode is named Demolition Expert, the objective is to launch a ball which has riders inside it into buildings trying to cause the most damage possible. You can control the speed and direction of the throw but its a simple premise.

The final mode is called Engineer in which you are tasked with finishing a ride that has only been half way completed. This is the hardest mini game of them all however based on having limited resources to use and having a hard time finding out how to finish the track and where to go with it instead of the contained area.

They have challenges for each stage too that tend to ramp the difficulty up if you attempt them. Graphically the game does look nice though for the style they were going for.

Overall however Screamride just really isn’t too fun. None of the mini games are fun for more then one or two rounds and this is something that should of never hit a retail release.


Score :


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