Destiny Review


  • Xbox 360
  • Sept. 9th, 2014
  • Bungie / Activision


Destiny was a big title for Bungie games who had became infamous for the Halo franchise to try and push out as a new IP especially one that is a online online MMO. Does it fair well for consoles or come up as a flop for a big name company?

Bungie who are known for making steady fun game made sure to bring this to Destiny. As a smooth running FPS with RPG elements you can consistently upgrade and level up your character with a wide range of weapons, armor pieces and skills many of which in themselves can be upgraded. By collecting materials which are found around the areas you explore and collect you can upgrade your weapons which come in tiers ranging from common to legendary and exotic.

For being a online only game that is made to look like an MMO you will find yourself running into other people in the worlds but not as much as one would expect. Every now and then in the worlds as well a random objective will come along which tasks if you accept it for random players to come along. I never once felt like this was a MMO though with other people in the world, I felt it was a single player game in which other people were playing by themselves as well in the world. If you truly want the MMO experience that I feel Bungie had hoped for you better have a solid team made of friends, otherwise expect to see people dropping in and out.

What I found as such a problem is between the main missions and the open world ones which are just small missions that you can do that often take only a few minutes was that the game got repetitive fast and became boring. Main missions were just run from point A to B to collect / kill something and the small missions were the same thing. Each world looks different but the open worlds are spread out but look the same throughout. After several hours and running through it all I felt as if I had seen and done all there was and that anything forward was of the same nature.

They do however have a match matching Player vs Player system named “The Crucible”. It is the normal online game modes done in an online setting using your character and gear from before. What I don’t understand however is the balancing system they have in place as my games were played when I was a very low rank facing guys who were triple my rank with better armor and gear yet I was killing them with no issue.

Overall Destiny is a great looking and playing game. It may how been overshot just some and doesn’t really feel like an MMO but it does enough right to be fun. For getting repetitive there is still enough there to enjoy it before it all wears off and for that I recommend it.


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