Guns’N’Zombies Quick Review


  • PC
  • Oct. 30th, 2014
  • Krealit Games


Guns ‘ N ‘ Zombies has a simple straight to the point title just as the game itself does. Sadly it seems though even something simple has too many errors in this game to be enjoyable.

As a top down shooter this game has to try and set itself apart from the thousands others like it but for the most part it tries to remain as generic as possible. Each mission has different objectives such as killing enemies, collecting something and protecting something. The levels do change each time to something different but its nothing you haven’t seen before in a similar game.

One would hope however that the game play would fix this. I did notice some lag when shooting to start problems off. On top of that the game itself is just boring. After the first two levels the difficulty takes a huge spike upwards. You quickly get over run and your turrets go down quickly while you do little damage it seems. If you are protecting something they quickly swarm it ruining your mission.

Your character can level up and gain access to new guns and such that can be leveled up. For the most part however I noticed that a fully leveled up gun doesn’t change as much as it should.

Overall there isn’t many positives here that I can say to recommend this game. It’s generic and has enough negatives to not be worth your time.


Score :


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