Fist Of Jesus Review

  • PC
  • Oct. 17th, 2014
  • Mutant Games / KISS LTD


Fist Of Jesus will be filed under that list of badly ported iOS games that got released on Steam.

You play as Jesus or Judas in a side scroller beat em up where you kill zombies. Romans, cowboys and other random enemies. The game originally made for hand helds) plays in short stages where you usually have a objective to complete. Those usually range from kill enemies, survive, don’t get hit, or achieving a certain score amount. It’s just too bad the game play is incredible boring and broken. Your character can take a hit from close, far, from enemies not even facing him, and worst of all from enemies not even standing on the same level as him (this game has the bad 3D fighter mechanic of walking close and far from the screen). You can also perform a divine punishment which a finisher on stunned enemies but this seems to happen almost at random and there doesn’t seem to be a sure fire way to stun a enemy. Also after you see it happen the first time it turns into something you wish that you could skip.

As per usual for these games, you are expected to do a lot of grinding to level your character up. I never did notice a difference in it though as even after fully upgrading your damage the AI still seemed to take the same amount of hits. If anything it just makes it easier for them to kill you. Graphically it looks like something you’d see in an iOS game, it has bright cartoon looking graphics. It is horrible to control however, feeling stiff and sometimes unresponsive.

Overall even on sale I can’t recommend this. It really doesn’t have anything going for it and you’ll hate it more then you’ll ever enjoy it.


Score :


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