Jerry Springer Presents: WWE Too Hot For TV Episode 3 Review

  • WWE Network
  • May 14th, 2015
  • 26 Minutes


After the disappointment that was the first episode of Too Hot For TV, I decided to give it another try and check out another episode titled “Too Gross For TV”.

This one features almost nothing but vomit, fake, and poop jokes and storyline that WWE has had the misfortune of using throughout the years. From vomit gags including Stepahnie, Vicki Guerro, Titus O’Neal, public urination from Vince, and the always horrible kiss my feet match featuring Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart this episode almost seems like a showcase of horrible things WWE has done before.

The worst by far is the last part which features Tommy Dreamer doing a handful of gross things before being forced to drink (and enjoy) Undertakers tobacco spit back. It’s sad to think that someone thought any of this was good.


At least the first episode of this show had a few good moments, this one was a struggle to watch. Avoid this.


Score :



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