Jerry Springer Presents: WWE Too Hot For TV Episode 1 Review

  • WWE Network
  • 32 Minutes


Bringing Jerry Springer back into the WWE world to host a show for WWE Network focusing on the more crazy theatrics that happened seems like it would be a horrible idea, and that it is.

Too Hot For TV is another clip show really where WWE can show us more of the Attitude Era and some of the insane almost horrible story lines we loved at one point so much. This first episode has the tag line “Love Hurts” and features such stuff as Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry’s wide range of lovers, the entire HHH / Steph beginning love story, Marc Maron and Sable, Val Venis, and more in their messed up love storys that were featured every so predominately at their time in WWE history.

What gets me is that none of this is “Too Hot For TV”. Don’t get in expecting some hard cracking commentary from Springer who adds nothing to the show or even anything new. What you instead get is just a rehash of clips that were all featured originally on TV.

If your an old school fan such as myself you’ve seen this all over and over before so you get a small kick from it but it’s nothing new. Newer fans might enjoy at least seeing some of the stupid over the top story lines that were being produced in the past. It’s really nothing to rush to watch though.


Score :




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