Apocalyptic Demise Presents : Podcasts You Need To Hear

With all the podcasts out there today to listen to we here at Apocalyptic Demise thought about making a list of what we enjoy most and recommend for anyone wanting something new to listen to.


SModcast Production Podcasts – Almost anything branded with SModcast (ran by the almightly Kevin Smith) is a good choice. They range all over the board on what the topics are about or the type of podcast. Recommended ones include : Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Plus One, I Sell Comics, & The Secret Stash.


Roosterteeth Productions – As with SModcast, anything involving the Roosterteeth team is golden. Honestly as one of my favorite / if not my favorite podcast ever the Roosterteeth team cover everything including have a gameshow podcast and they always end up funny and interesting. Recommended ones include : Roosterteeth Podcast, On The Spot, The Know, Screen Play (though new episodes are no longer being made), Dude Soup, and The Patch.


Gaming Podcasts – The Co-optional Podcast And Cynical Brit Audio Blogs, IGN Game Scoop!, Giant Bombcast, Super Best Friendcast! (even though this one technically covers everything).


Wrestling Podcasts – The Art Of Wrestling With Colt Cabana, Piper’s Pit With Roddy Piper, The Ross Report, Human Podcast Machine With Taz, MLW Radio (Major League Wrestling Podcast Hosted By Konnan), OSW Review : Old School Wrestling Review, The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed, Wrestling Compadres Slamcast


Comedy / Interview Podcasts – Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, Beauty And Da Beast With Joey Diaz And Felicia Michaels, Gilber Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, The Jasta Show, Jim Florentine’s Comedy Metal Midgets, The Joe Rogan Experience, Metalsucks Podcast, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, The Nerdist, Penn’s Sunday School, The Smartest Man In The World Podcast (With Greg Proops), WTF With Marc Maron Podcast, Henry & Heidi (With Henry Rollins And Heidi May), Ice T Final Level


Music Podcasts : Pod Of Thunder, Podcast Mosh With Lich King


Movie Podcasts : The Greatest Movie EVER Podcast, How Did This Get Made?, Last Podcast On The Left, RottenTomatos, Screen Rant Underground, The Movie Crypt With Adam And Joe

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