Unfriended (2015) Review


  • Horror
  • April 17th, 2015
  • 83 Minutes


Modern horror films get a horrible reputation now a days. Unfriended is the reason why.

In a time where the shakey camera work that Blair Witch made popular many years ago Unfriended tries to start a new trend with all being done from the computer screen of a mac book done through online chat rooms and internet pages. Now the concept is horrible to sit and watch by itself but then the story attempts to slowly and barely peek it self into the picture. We follow the story of one Laura Barnes who after getting drunk and passing out at a party has a video of the ordeal posted online which then causes her to commit suicide on school grounds. On the one year anniversary of her death some of her fellow school mates who are all online with each other soon discover that there is a unknown and unwanted party in the chat with them claiming to be the deceased Laura Barnes.

Now this alone is just horrible. The haunted taking place in the form of another member in their facetime chat. The worst part is that there is no explanation on how or why she is there. Soon though we discover that all friends are horrible people who have lied to each other and have some horrible dark secrets once the ghost of Laura Barnes makes them play what amounts to a deadly amount of never have I ever.

Now a horror film isn’t suppose to make you laugh unintentionally when a character dies let alone be in tears, yet this film had me doing that. The few death scenes we witness are just so random and out of no where over the top that you can’t do much but laugh. It also doesn’t help that the characters are all the most unlikeable people you could imagine. They all end up being a huge group of lying, cheating, downright shitty people. You can imagine how the acting is as well so that doesn’t even need to be brought up.

Overall Unfriended should hopefully show that this concept does not work and it should end there. I don’t even think this will be a huge hit for the younger crowd because it doesn’t even end up being scary or have enough jump scares to satisfy someone looking for just that. Avoid this like a computer running Windows 98.


Score :


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