Trapped Dead Lockdown Review

  • PC
  • March 20th, 2015
  • Bigmoon Studios / Headup Games


In a world full of hack and slash games and zombie games Trapped Dead Lockdown comes running in with the intentions of standing out but instead falls short of everything one would want.

The story is just straight up B Horror film wannabe but while having a few laughs doesn’t hold interest and I expect most that play this won’t be doing so for the story. The graphics as well don’t really stand out and often times were muddy and not close to modern standards. Characters often enough talk for way to long forcing you to have to skip over each box of dialog while the games soundtrack continues to drone on throughout the game never being memorable for even a second.

What should save the game though is its game play but we already know that it doesn’t. Trapped Dead Lockdown tries to play like your typical hack and slash RPG similar to the Torchlight and Diablos of the world. Instead we get something that tries to do that and instead turns into delayed reactions and being swarmed by guys. When you attempt to attack there is a delay on that and it later in the game turns into a luck based battle on if your attacks will hit. Throw in multiple enemies and you better hope your guy hits them all or that you have health packs.

Level designs are another nightmare. Thankfully the mini-map provided is absolutely no help what so ever. Buildings turn into just room after room and everything one tends to look the same, prisons are just long hallways that make little sense. Going outside is just dark textures for long stretches. You’ll often see texture glitches and spaces black out into nothing. I saw NPC’s as well stand still and glitch out making quests they had unobtainable.

Even something as simple as the loot and leveling up system I found lackluster. The majority of the loot I found was always close to the same or similar items I had and were always junk. Once I leveled up I never really saw a vast improvement or felt like my character was being the unstoppable killing machines the way that better games of this genre do.

Overall I found very little entertainment coming from this game. It could have been a lot better but instead felt like it was underdone in every category and in a genre where there are several games that leagues above this I just can’t recommend this one above others.


Score :



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