Two And A Half Men Series Finale Thoughts




After twelve seasons and a highly publicized cast change Two And A Half Men have come to an end with a one hour series finale. While bringing the series to an end and attempting to close the series for good does it do it justice to all the good years or fail like most shows do when finishing.

During this finale they try to cover all tracks, bringing back a lot of big characters, and showcasing a lot of moments that happened during the series. The death of Charlie, his string of crazy ex’s, Aston Kutchers arrival and more.

My problem however comes from feeling almost like this is just a recap episode somewhat combined with a cheap idea to end the story. They throw together the idea that Charlie never died and it turned out his crazy ex had kidnapped him and was keeping his captive until he escaped. Only reason anyone found out though is because Charlie had royalty money from his job and sent it out to various friends, exs, and his estranged daughter who is a female form of her father.

Instead of bring back Charlie Scheen though like one would hope we never get to see him in the finale, though in the final moments before the credits hit we see a male from the back who is meant to look like Charlie Scheen coming back up to the house to reunite with everyone until an old piano of his falls from a helicopter delivering it to the house and kills him. Its just a cheap send off.

What the episode does get right is the humor for most of it. A large majority of it is cracks at the show, what has happened, and the drama that occurred outside of the show. After the disappointing final moment they even have the shows creator thrown in for a quick laugh. Also it was nice to have all but one of the major characters present for the send off.

While it wasn’t the best way to end the show and things could of been different, Two And A Half Men went off on a end full of mixed feelings. Now to just prepare for reruns of the show for the next 10 years.

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