Taken 3 (2015) Review


  • Action
  • January 9th, 2015
  • 109 Minutes


Taken is now a perfect example of a film that was great and had pointless sequels tacked on for money as shown in Taken 3 or as it should be titled “The Fugitive remake”.

Technically the title of this film isn’t even right like the first two films as no one is taken. In this we follow Bryan Mills the unstoppable killing machine who is still the most awkward father around who is now just trying to live a somewhat normal life. He is spending time with his daughter and trying to get back his ex-wife. Like clockwork though something goes wrong and next thing you know he walks into a room where his ex-wifes corpse is laying dead on the bed and the police have arrived with him being caught in the room as the main suspect. Now Bryan Mills is on the run to prove his innocence and find his ex’s killer.

I just explained the entire movie and yes it really is as generic as it sounded. Taken 3 suffers from having no original plot ideas or originality. Now normally in a film like this none of that would matter since the action scenes would otherwise hold you interest but not here.

Liam Neeson was always the huge factor for the Taken series because his hand to hand fight scenes were always a blast to watch. Taken 3 has decided to very little of that will do and instead give us a lot of chase scenes. We are always suppose to throw that area of belief that this old man can outrun cars, jump and leap over tall objects and and outrun much younger / in better shape men. Take into consideration then that the shoot outs and chases aren’t even memorable or done well enough to warrant that disbelief from the viewer.

Overall they should consider this a trilogy (a much unneeded one) and end the series here at its lowest point. From the generic plot to the bad action not even Liam Neeson and the odd Forrest Whittaker could save this film.


Score :



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