Skilltree Saga Review


  • PC
  • Silent Dreams / HeadUp Games
  • Dec. 4th, 2014


Skilltree Sega labels itself as a “Rogue Like RPG” as so many titles do nowadays. In this games instance however it isn’t entirely truthful.

Skilltree Sega seems as if something that would work better as an iOS game rather than a PC game. You play as a warrior and go through different environments and fight randomly generated enemies to level up, learn new powers and progress further. Now as far as the game play for doing all that though goes, there really isn’t any. Battles are turn based and preplayed. You simply view the fight going on. Between fights you simply click the next button or change gear / skills. In no way, shape, or form do you do anything during battle.

The so called “Rogue Like” element is that if you don’t make it to the end of the stage (either 20, 50, or 100 fights without dying) you lose all gear that you looted during that session. Between fights you do have the option to retreat keeping all gear you have earned.

What the main problem is with this game however is the lack of actual game play. After a short amount of time you quickly find that you are just grinding through weaker enemies gaining little to no XP only to try and fight through the later stages. This game almost just serves as a learning guide for someone who is coming into the RPG genre and shows them how to run a skill tree which even then isn’t gone that great.

Overall while the game isn’t horrible after a short amount of time I found myself becoming bored with little desire to continue on grinding to see what happens in the end. If you can catch this on sale for a few dollars it’ll keep you busy for a few hours but other than that there are other games of a similar nature out there that does this better.


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