The Interview (2014) Review

  • Comedy
  • Dec. 24th, 2014
  • Columbia Pictures



With all the controversy including pulling The Interview from screens with no intentions to release it, Sony hacks, and loads of other media blitz does The Interview turn out to be worth the hassle it seemed to be or is it a wash that should of just been forgotten about?

The story follows Dave and Aaron who are host and producer of a popular talk show when trying to take their show to the next level try for a interview with famous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un actually happens. Soon before leaving though they are approached by the CIA and given the task of killing said leader when given the chance. During that time however Dave soon becomes close to the fearless leader and must figure his feelings out and either complete or abort the hidden mission.

Now typing that short summary of the film out makes me realize that upon first thought of the story it seems over the top and stupid as intended. Upon viewing however what seems like an crazy yet enjoyable story simply turns into a overdrawn, way too long, and ultimately unfunny joke that just won’t end.  What simply kills the movie is that the majority of the jokes and therefore scenarios that are set up for the jokes fall flat. Rogan and Francos trademark raunchy humor is full force here but very seldomly did I find the jokes to be funny.

Cast wise Seth Rogan and James Franco act like their usual self so you know what to expect there. The real star is Randall Park as Kim Jong Un. His scenes once fully shown as a character are some of the funniest of the movie and they give him a wide range of scenarios to show off his character in.

Overall the fact that the majority of the film bored the daylights out of me and I rarely laughed even trying to summon up the words to describe the flop of this movie was a tough one. In the end I’d just recommend everyone skip this.

Score :


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