See No Evil 2 (2014) Review

  • Horror
  • Oct. 21st, 2014
  • Lionsgate / WWE Studios



8 years after the release of See No Evil hit to not stellar reviews or critical acclaim WWE Studios decides to make a sequel for the straight to dvd market. Does it hit the mark to rekindle what could be a franchise or should they have just let Kane stay in the ring instead of on the big screen?

The story picks up right after the first one ended with the bodies (including villain Jacob Goodnight) of the victims being transferred to a morgue. It just so happens that one worker at the morgue (played by scream queen legend Danielle Harris) is having a surprise party there with friends that night. After the bodies arrive two friends seek off to see find the body of Jacob in a sick fantasy. Soon enough Jacob wakes up and starts taking out each guest one by one.

Story wise there isn’t much going on. They attempt to add a layer into Jacob Goodnights character sometimes using flashbacks from the first film in an attempt to give him more of a reason as to why he endlessly is killing whoever bumps into him but it adds nothing to it. The story moves along just enough to get the kills started before taking it all straight out the door inturn for violence. Not even the characters have anything going for them as they are all one dimensional and cliched.


What the first film had going for it though was the violence with some innovative kills. Sadly this one even forgot how to accomplish that. Minus one moment I couldn’t really give you specigfic details on how characters were offed. None are gory enough to remember or original enough to care about.

Casting wise only Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle stand out as positives. Danielle Harris of course even in a cliched role still manages to outshine everyone. Katharine Isabelle plays a crazed friend obsessed with seeing Goodnights body. While she plays the role well she isn’t around enough to make that lasting impression. Glenn Jacobs (WWE’s Kane) sadly shows off that even though he may look the part his imitation of Kane Hodder just doesn’t do the trick.

Overall for a sequel in which I’d assume many weren’t asking for turns out subpar. While not horrible enough to be unwatchable, in the end its just mediocre enough to not care or think twice about.


Score :


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