The Purge : Anarchy (2014) Quick Review



Universal Pictures

July 18th, 2014

103 Minutes


In June of 2013 the first “Purge” movie was released to mixed reviews often praising the premise but tearing it down for how they actually handled it with being more of a thriller than a horror film. Just a little over a year later another film is released in a completely different style. Does it fulfill what everyone wanted the first film to accomplish or are they still far away from the best possible film they have to offer.

The Purge Anarchy follows three groups of people who eventually intertwine. First off is a couple whose car breaks down right before the Purge begins, a second is a mother and daughter who are kidnapped and rescued by the third which is a father who while being anti-purge goes out in hopes of killing the man who killed his son in a driving accident. Once all are together it simply turns into them trying to get to one spot while staying alive while everything out there is willing to kill them.

While the general story isn’t so much the selling point the thought that we might get more information on the Purge and the world surrounding the Purge is interesting. We do get a little bit more of a look into the Purge itself like the fact that even during the Purge there are still rules that must be followed and that there is almost a big brother effect of the government always watching. Though the not so subtle message about the new age government making the Purge just for the purpose of taking out the lower class was a bit too much.

Also they have taken pretty much any elements of a horror film other than the overall premise out of this and made it into a straight up action film. Expect many shootouts, some blood, and chase scenes. Sergeant (played like Frank Grillo) comes across as a modern day version of The Punisher down to his vehicle and the way he dresses. By that point the movie turns into just watching him mow down bad guys.

Overall while still not the horror Purge film many have wanted this one is still better than the first even if it’s entirely different.


Score :


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