Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark Game Review

PC, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U

June 24th, 2014

Edge Of Reality, Activision


With a new Transformers film just hitting theaters it makes sense that it’s also time to pump out another Transformers game. With the last few games in the Transformers game being well received for the most part does this new developer continue this chain or do they go back to the old trend of horrible tie in games?

Being a mix of attempting to tie the film in while being a sequel to the last Transformer game we get a story that makes little sense and leaves us not caring. We start off with the Autobots attempting to capture the Dark Spark, an object that would make one be able to practically command the universe, but as you can expect all does not go as planned and thus the story begins. It then jumps back in time to explain everything and why it’s important however. One fault with the game is that it constantly jumps from present to older times without warning and without reason. Now between the story they also have the building factions between Autobots and Decepticons without giving them any reason as to why certain characters are after each other. So between jumping through time you are also switching between good and evil until about half way through the game they completely drop the Decepticons side of the game play without warning.

This new game doesn’t even look as good as previous ones either. Cut scenes (that are now not able to be skipped) are sometimes blocky and look like early Xbox 360 graphics while the game play is a vast variety of gray. Gone are big wide open levels with a lot of the game taking places in smaller rooms and corridors. When not outside expect a barrage of rooms that look similar if not identical to each other. When you are given a change to do a larger outdoors level it feels recycled rehashes of bits from older games and color palates from their linear indoors level.

Thankfully the one saving grace of the game however is the shooting mechanic. They have kept the same scheme that works so well for the last few games in this which make it a very competent third person shooter. When controlling your Transformer as a robot the controls are mainly tight and responsive unless are you jumping for a ledge in which case I saw my character barely clip a wall and fall straight down from the technical glitch. You are also given a wide variety of weapons and abilities to use with some of them being a nice change of pace for a shooter. Though after an hour or two you quickly notice that you are just moving from room to room mowing down the same enemies without much challenge or creativity to keep you entertained. I also have to note that the checkpoints in this game are either too far and few between or just don’t work as I died a few times and was taken 30 + minutes of game play.

A new system has also been implemented for upgrading your character by killing enemies and completely challenges. By leveling up and doing challenges you are given Gear Boxes of different tiers which can contain new weapons, upgrades, new characters, skins, and boosters to use in game. Unfortunately right away I noticed that the Gear Boxes will constantly give you the same items which unless it’s a boost will just transform into a boost if you’ve already unlocked it. So I was continuously getting the same things unlocked and changed into boosters which I never used.  After unlocking a few Gear Boxes as well you’ll notice they are widely useless and just a hassle to have to sit through the screens while it slowly unlocks each box.

While this Transformers game didn’t hit the same grace as the last ones did it at least is a semi competent third person action game. You might not be playing this for long or paying attention to it’s story but for a few hours it is fun to take down waves of the same bland enemies. It may be worth a rent for a day if your bored.


Score :



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