First Impressions : Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC

April 1st, 2014

Armature Studio, Warner Brothers Interactive


Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate (Deluxe Edition) is a console version of the Arkham Origins Blackgate game that hit handheld devices late 2013. It should of stayed on the handhelds though.

Ignoring the main story (as I do in all First Impressions) I can at least say the cut scenes look good but stray in a completely opposite manner than the game play looks. The game itself looks like a smaller version of the consoles Arkham games while the cut scenes stray between looking like a mix of comics and cell-shaded graphics. Blackgate does look good though. It has that dark and gritty look like the main series games though this one being smaller and tighter does bring out the fact that a lot of the game features dark and bland colors.

Game play it really doesn’t work out well. The game focuses on being a 2.5D platformer mixed with beat em up moments with the combat from the Arkham series. None of those elements work though. The combat in the game fails heavily because of the 2.5D look. Batman will constantly target random enemies instead of the one that you want and since characters can stand next to each other often has you attacking the wrong guy while someone else is able to get hits on you. Same goes for the counter system that will have multiple people from different layers attacking you.

The platforming as well feels sluggish. Since your character can’t jump you rely on using the grappling hook to get around. Though with corners that you can go around and times where you have to use it to get to a layer of the screen that appears as the background means you won’t always know where to go. Batman feels slow too. His running speed isn’t fast and climbing over ledges and walls takes too long. In a game so heavily focused on platforming you’d think they’d have made this a bit smoother.

Beware of glitches too. Several times I would repel up onto a ledge where it was clear something was suppose to be there and the game just hadn’t loaded it and wouldn’t allow you backtrack to try again. I noticed characters and in game cut scenes not load as well as the world around you just not appear.

Overall so far I can’t say I’d recommend this. Even after getting this on sale I regret it.

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