Scream Park (2013) Review



Wild Eye Releasing

January 3rd, 2013

85 Minutes



After taking almost a year after being shot to be released Scream Park finally hit stands early last year and Wild Eye Releasing may have a hit on there hands with this one.

With a pretty standard story Scream Park may not have you glued to the end your seats with originality. It follows a old horror themed amusement park who with low profits has decided to shut down. On the final night however after closing the group of teenage workers talk the manager into allowing them to stay and party for one final time before it closes. With everyone getting together with their other half it seems however that someone has already disappeared without anyone knowing where he went. When going out to look for him Jennifer (who was hoping to spend the night with Blake who is missing) and her manager Marty stumble upon two masked men in the park. With no idea who they are they quickly soon to find out the masked men are killing everyone one by one with them on their list.

Not winning awards for it story Scream Park does look and feel the part of an old slasher film. The look of the film is dark at times and somewhat grainy similar to an remastered VHS film. They don’t go for technological advancements instead reverting back to old school tactics. Those same tactics are used for many of the kills in the film as well. On rare occasions the kill is shown on screen and can become quite bloody. Usually however the kill is done from an angle where it becomes less graphic.. During one scene however one of the masked men drag away a girl with the implication of rape occurring. That seems to have no effect on the film or what happens.

It isn’t all good though with their production as sometimes the audio seems to dip lower than other scenes. Also the VHS look to the film doesn’t always go on with a few scenes being of a much high filmed quality than most. You can also tell for some scenes where it has been photo shopped to add effects or to try and dim the quality of the shot.

Scream Park defiantly isn’t a film that has you caring about characters though. Very little development past “person x likes person y” is given. A few characters also have the tendency to vanish for periods only to show back up as if nothing has happened or changed. Interactions between characters can seem forced and generic not leading to anything between them. Thankfully a few actors however can save the day. Steve Rudzinski as Marty plays like your favortite creep from old horror films with a side people don’t know about. Ogre as well protrays the brooding silent killer type well. Wendy Wygant gets a mention as well for being the most believable one in the film playing a victim. Horror icon Doug Bradley is also in the film for a very brief moment as the owner of the theme park with the deadly plan though with most films like this it comes across as just having him for names sake.

Overall Scream Park may not be the most original film but it’s a whole lot of fun to watch. If you are a fan of 80’s slashers and horror films this is one you’ll enjoy. Scream Park brings back what we loved about those films while paying it’s dues. Well worth a watch.


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