Walk Of Shame (2014) Quick Review


Lakeshore Entertainment

May 2nd, 2014

95 Minutes


Walk Of Shame follows Meghan who while trying to get her dream job as a news anchor for a big station finds out that they are going with someone else instead. With the aid of her friends who are determined to go out to make her feel better a wild night ensues of drinking which leads to Meghan having a one night stand and ending up at someones apartment. When she awakes in the morning however she hears the message from her manager that they backed out of the other girl and if she can make it to her job on time they will be choosing her for the spot.

The premise for the film is about as old and worn out as they can be. Getting from point A to point B while wild shenanigans happen isn’t a new idea. However Walk Of Shame seems to know this and plays it off well by having something funny happen almost nonstop. I’ll give this film credit where it’s due with the humor, they really put it all into the writing for the film making it very raunchy with the humor but it works. With scenes going from dealing with some insane cops, to running from hookers, to a crack house each scene delivers.

At first I thought this film might be an hour and a half reason for Elizabeth Banks to show off just how incredibly hot she looks but she does great. Her humor really shows off here. The rest of the cast as well works great. Her one night stand and friends have great chemistry together featuring the likes of James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs, and Sarah Wright. The cops that are constantly after her are hysterical done by the likes of Ethan Suplee  and Bil Burr. What might stand out as the best roles however are the three loveable crackheads Scrilla, Pookie, and Hulk (Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Alphonso McAuley, and Da’Vone McDonald). These three steal the show when on screen with Elizabeth Banks.

Overall for a film with a generic premise Walk Of Shame shines with it’s humor and casting. I’d highly recommend this one if you are looking for a good laugh.


Score :


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