Sorority Party Massacre (2012) Review



Anchor Bay Entertainment

Dec. 1st, 2012

103 Minutes


Sorority Party Massacre follows a cop on the edge of losing his job who is sent by his boss to go find his daughter at college on a remote island to find out hoe she is doing. From there though he quickly realizes that someone is picking the sorority girls off one by one and with the help of the towns two cops starts trying to find the killer before the killer finds everyone else. Now this sounds like a generic slasher but it surprisingly convoluted. From the opening of the film showing the girls in a very B movie / grind house appeal it then starts an almost downward slope where it attempts to turn into a murder mystery. Though the film constantly makes it where several people could be the killer until the third act where by that time they’ve tried pulling the curtains back so many times that most reveals aren’t shocking but instead tiresome.

Speaking of tiresome, the movie is way too long for it’s own good. You could cut a good 15-20 minutes of the film and not only not lose any detrimental scenes but it would also help the film. Most of those scenes only seem to confuse the viewer at times about what type of film they are going for as well. It can go from a scene acting like this is a serious horror film to a comedy. Add into that the films pacing is terrible with long chunks of film not really adding anything to the story.

There is however some decent acting with horror veteran Leslie Easterbrook standing out as the best one. Kevin Sorbo and Ron Jeremy have small roles almost just for the sake of having their names to promote. One major thing though is the production in this film goes from horrible to spotty. The beginning of the film is dark and has low volume almost to a point of ruining the film.

Overall Sorority Party Massacre falls into the category of straight to dvd films that just are mediocre. With a story that often times can’t figure out what it is or what it wants along with spotty kills. bland acting by most, and cheap production I wouldn’t recommend it to most. If you can get it off Netflix and are in the mood though for a cheap horror film to laugh at this would do though.


Score :


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