First Impression : How To Train Your Dragon 2

June 14th, 2014

Little Orbit Games, Torus Games

Xbox 360. Wii, Wii U, Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS


How To Train Your Dragon 2 continues the run of movie based games and for some reason the trend of kids movie turned into mini game fueled games.

Instead of focusing on the main storyline of the film Little Orbit games instead makes this game about the mini-games. Don’t even count on a good amount of games since there is only 5 total. A target blaster, a color matching game, two flying ones where you have to go through rings, and one that just combines them into a tournament. The variety is slim as is the originality. If you don’t feel like doing the mini games you can openly fly around the small area getting collectables or doing hidden bonus objectives. Even that won’t keep your interest though.

What makes the game almost unplayable however are the controls. To start off you fly a dragon, a main feature of the game, yet it’s near impossible. The flying is stiff and hard to maneuver. Turning is a hassle so trying to navigate through sharp turns to fly through rings like playing the ever so famous Superman 64. Even something simple like shooting fireballs is hard because of the auto lock that doesn’t seem to work. Also just shooting fire itself seems to be a couple seconds late I noticed. You would think as well that a game that has you flying as well would have a good camera to do so. The camera most time will randomly focus on something that you aren’t directing it to. Other times it will spin out of control often turning to look at your characters face causing you to fly directly into a wall or object.

One shouldn’t expect a good looking game coming from something like this either but this is worse than expected. HTTYD2 looks like something that could of been an early launch game for the Xbox. The game is blocky and choppy amidst the somewhat bland world which makes it look ugly. The music thankfully is a little better having some good scores to it but then they add the character voice overs onto it to quickly ruin it. You’ll be hearing the same voices over and over again before you just mute the TV.

From my time spent with the game I just don’t see much of any reason why to play this. The mini-games aren’t fun and nothing about the game seems to be good or up to modern standards. If you want to play a movie game for kids just pick one of the Lego games or Toy Story 3.


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