Cheap Thrills (2014) Review

Cheap Thrills

Release Date : March 21st, 2014

Thriller / Comedy

Film Length : 88 Minutes


Cheap Thrills follows a man who is down on his luck. He loses his job, has a wife and child to support, and just lost his job. On a night of hard drinking he runs into an old friend who joins him for the night for some catching up. Soon however they are joined by a random couple who inform them that they are celebrating his girlfriends birthday. However right away they start to show their sense of humor by offering the guys certain amounts of cash for doing simple things. What starts out though from something simple like getting slapped by a random woman soon turn much much dark and violent once they are invited back to the couples house.

The overall premise of Cheap Thrills is similar to many other thriller (and to some degree horror films) like last years Would You Rather. The idea of a person paying others for their own sadistic pleasure isn’t new. However this film I felt didn’t completely do it how they should of. The majority of the film is rather boring. Minus the last challenge or two none of them felt too extreme. So in turn a large chunk of the film was either pointless dialog or just near juvenile actions. It’s not like the story is deep much or anything as very little back story is provided. You learn a quick background on two (of the four) characters and a quick telling of why the other two are giving away the money to random people.

The acting however is actually pretty solid for the film. Pat Healy as Craig portrays the vision of a man completely down on his luck who will do anything to provide for his family. On the other hand Ethan Embry as Vince does a mediocre job of someone who is completely self concerned with only looking out for himself. Sara Paxton as Violet however is completely underutilized in this. She has only a handful of lines and I think she was only cast just so that they had a attractive woman on screen for the film. You could tag her out with almost anyone else in this and the film wouldn’t change a single bit. The star of the film though is David Koechner as Colin. It’s nice to see David Koechner
combine his usual odd ball almost crazy humor into a near sadistic character. Koechner shines in this film so I hope to see more of him like this.

Overall however Cheap Thrills doesn’t do much to make itself stand out. Other than some decent acting and a entertaining final act there isn’t much here to keep the viewer interested. I’d instead recommend one of the more horror and gore themed films of this nature.


Score :




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