Chef (2014) Review

Chef (2014) Review

Chef (2014) Review

Released : May 9th, 2014


Release Length : 115 Minutes



During one point in Chef you watch as Jon Favreau’s character makes a grilled cheese sandwich for his son. Such preparation is taken into him browning him the bread, making layers of gooey cheese, and ultimately making you, the viewer, want to jump through the screen and eat it. In that screen alone you see one of the reasons that Chef pushes itself as one of the best and most original films to likely hit theaters in 2014.

After being trashed by a food critic for having uninspired food Chef Casper has a breakdown which results in him quitting his job and having a fit of extreme measures in the middle of old restaurant in front of the food critic. Soon after all these events he starts to rekindle his love for making food that he enjoys while starting to try to fix the relationship he has with his son and ex-wife. With the help of his ex-wife and her ex-husband Chef Casper decides to get a food truck and with the help of his best friend who also quits his job and the help of his son they begin to travel the country serving up their new brand of food while enjoying the time and company they have with each other.

While the story itself isn’t anything too spectacular it does have heart and lots of it. It can be funny, sad, sweet, but always sincere. The film itself actually is quite funny with many laugh worthy moments. Dialog is sharp and witty but sometimes almost vulgar for the sake of using profanity. I also did tend to notice that characters that were heavily pushed through the first third of the movie are then just dropped and never talked about again. These are characters that they are built up and made have a important role in the story however once the ball starts rolling are never spoken of or seen again.

Thankfully however Chef has a great list of characters and actors. Jon Favreau as Chef Casper is role that he did perfectly. His cooking scenes really showcase that fact that he appears to be truly 110% into what he is doing. His on screen chemistry with his two main co-stars Emjay Anthony (who is playing his son “Percy”) and John Leguizamo (as “Martin”) all work great together. Throw in good supporting roles by the likes of Bobby Cannavale, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt, Sofia Vergara, and Robert Downey Jr. Being good friends for Jon Favreau and having worked in past films is a reason most of them are in it though.

Overall Chef will be one of the most original films of the year. With a strong cast, a heartwarming story, and just being full of humor and soul Chef is a film you soon won’t forget.


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