The Nut Job (2014) Review

The Nut Job (2014)The Nut Job (2014) Review

Released : Jan. 17th, 2014


85 Minutes



It seems like modern animated films that get released to theaters ultimately end up going one of two ways. They either do great and become huge blockbusters or they flop miserably. This one follows that second one.

To start off berating this movie I have to start with the story. When one squirrel who only thinks and acts for himself is exiled from his group of friends and family in the park he plots a way to retrieve a large stash of nuts to get him back into the group. As it turns out though the stash if just a front for the mob and while trying to get the nuts he stumbles upon things bigger than any squirrel could ever dream of. Upon viewing though you will soon realize that you can’t possibly care about this story. It’s incredible bland, boring, and mediocre.

One main problem with the story is that it is built up so that the viewer thinks there is going be something big and climatic about to happen. Most of the time however nothing happens so you constantly feel let down. There are some action scenes placed throughout the film that attempt to help make the pace move along but none are exciting. Even the action scenes are mundane and have been done in hundreds of other animated films before. You would think with a boring story and bad action scenes they would have at least attempted to make the film humerus. Sadly however it is not. I believe I laughed once during the film with all other jokes either falling flat or just not hitting as they should of.


The Nut Job

The Nut Job however tried to let you know that it has a well known cast. Such names as Will Arnett , Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson , and Katherine Heigl round out the actors cast. Comedians such as Gabriel Iglesias and Jeff Dunham also have roles in it as well. You wouldn’t know some of these names are in it though. This is one instance where only Liam Neeson shines out by his voice again. I don’t know who thought that trying make Brendan Fraser a main star would do them any good either.

Thankfully this film does have one redeeming factor and that is the animation. It is bright, colorful, vivid, and great to look at. Action scenes are great flowing and detailed. Even characters and textures have a great amount of detail to them.

Overall though the film just doesn’t have much to go off of. Good animation can’t hold a film and the weak story, action scenes, and just not being funny hurts it. I can’t recommend this really. It has to be noted as well that the film even resorts to using the song “Gangnam Style” several times and even in the credits. That sadly can’t be unseen.


Score :



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