Wrong Cops

Wrong Cops PosterWrong Cops

Released : Dec. 20th, 2013


83 Minutes


Wrong Cops follow a small group of cops who when their city ultimately has little crime for them to stop they instead turn to become low level criminals. This in itself is a great concept if done correctly and this film only manages to hit some of those moments right.

These trusted officers of the law resort to an array of odd ball jobs to kill time. One officer deals marijuana to the community and does so by stuffing the drugs into the dead rat  and duct taping it shut because in his mind it is less conspicuous. Another cop tries to hold up women at gunpoint to see their breasts in an attempt to get himself off. A female officer extorts money from another worker from the police station who did gay porn in his youth and is attempting to hide it from his daughter. Finally the half blind misformed cop who thinks he is going to be the next great trance music hit.

Now all these ideas in themselves are great but only some are actually executed well enough to enjoy. The officer who sells drugs in dead animals is great. Between his moments explaining that to the scenes where he meets David Dolores Frank (played by Marilyn Manson) who he thinks is trying to sell his body to other men is by far the best. You get to see David Dolores Frank try to explain to the cops that he is a victim while they mock him and see the officer kidnap him and hold him hostage in his apartment while he dances around in his underwear to trance music.

They try to make it one connective story though by adding the factor that all the officers are being dragged into a situation of trying to get rid of a body that one of them accidentally shot. The problem is that most of the time this just doesn’t mesh well with the side plots they try to form and is generally boring. That being said the character of the shot man does help bring a couple scenes up greatly that are more geared towards the side stories.

Sadly though those side plots are both the best and one of the worst parts. The scenes that work are brilliant and a hoot to see. A good chunk of them however either are boring or just don’t work and aren’t funny. A good chunk of jokes tend to fall flat in what is a attempt to  be humorous.

Wrong Cops

This film is also a perfect example of trying to look super low budget isn’t always the best way to go. You can see it wasn’t shot on a high budget camera as the colors are somewhat distorted and not clear as well as the movie being quite grainy looking. Some shots as well are either too close or trying to be too wide. It does take away from the quality of the film trying to watch this.

Don’t really expect great acting from this either. Most officers roles are fine as the majority of them are comedians. I have to make note of Marilyn Manson though. His acting is cringe worthy in here. I can understand why he does very little acting. Even with his role being one of the funniest ones I just can’t say anything positive about his acting abilities.

Wrong Cops ultimately does a decent job at what it attempts. If they managed to shoot this on a higher budget and fix some of the story and dialog this would be a great comedy. Instead we get a decent film with some good ideas that just can’t cut it in all the aspects needed. Still though it’s worth a watch as a rental or off Netflix Instant.


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