Bad Ass 2 : Bad Asses (2014) Quick Review

Bad Ass 2 : Bad Asses (2014) Review
Bad Ass 2 : Bad Asses (2014) Review

Bad Ass 2 : Bad Asses (2014) Review

Released : Feb. 17th, 2014

Genre : Action

Film Length : 91 Minutes


Remember a few years back when they made the film Bad Ass which was very loosely based off a viral video that became popular and then decided to continue it in a random film. Well apparently it must have done well enough to warrant another straight to DVD sequel for the film.

We follow our favorite local hero Frank Vega again who now with his fame owns his own gym and helps train others to keep them clean and off the streets. Though when one of Vega’s close friends is killed in what turns out to be a drug related matter he recruits old friend Bernie Pope to not only take out the men responsible but clean up the city as well. The story ends up being about as paper thin and generic as they come. You can easily swap out the characters or story from this and add them into a thousand other films and get the same results.

The one positive thing this film has going for it is the action scenes. They are laughably bad. The thought that Danny Trejo can take on several armed men or that Danny Glover can take on anyone is great to watch. Sadly this is also a big negative. Most of the action scenes are shot poorly with it looking too fake. During car scenes it is painfully clear that the green screen has been put into affect. By far though are two scenes in particular where they CGI in cold breath and fire. The fact that CGI has been added for those two things is just fantastic.

Danny Trejo unsurprisingly is the film’s best actor. He really can’t do anything wrong, everything is just great with him. Danny Glover on the other hand is terrible. Clearly age has not hit him well and watching his lines on screen is cringe worthy most times. No one else in the film does anything noteworthy or is big enough to talk about.

Overall for a film that no one asked for a sequel for it still isn’t really any good. If you enjoyed the original at all you’ll most likely be let down some. The first one wasn’t that good, this one isn’t that good, and hopefully we don’t have to review a third one down the line. This is the kind of cheap straight to DVD you watch one for laughs then quickly forget about.


Score :



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