The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game Review

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game Review
The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game Review

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game Review

Released : April 29th, 2014

Released On : iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3, PS4

Reviewed On : Xbox 360


With the release of another Spider Man film it must mean that another Spider Man game is upon us. Spidey games come in two runs though, the ones that are made based more off the comics and not developed and rushed to promote a film, and the others being cheaply done movie tie ins. This game falls into that second category and just like the game based off the first movie it isn’t good at all.

As expected like the first one, this is a open world game. This will also be credited as the least exacting open world game ever. You will have a small amount of story missions while being bombarded with meaningless side quests. You story missions contain only a few events including boss fight, room after room of meaningless bad guy, or a trail of predetermined rescue / quick time events / follow thing “x”. Your side missions consist of crimes (usually 2-4 enemies in a alley or sometimes on a outside platform on a building), fire rescue (because Spidey is now a firefighter), races, combat training, photography (which involves either taking a picture of a cop by a police car or of random gangsters standing in random places), and car chases (which just are glorified QTE events).

It’s a problem that fans have been asking for years in the Spider Man series, is it really that hard to make a open world Spider Man game that isn’t incredibly bad and boring. Instead of trying to fix that they just continue to make these games. This one features a new mechanic which makes it where Spidey can only web swing in places where his web can attach. You swing too high and he free falls, you go to swing over a small pond Spidey falls into the water and then magically web shots his way out (because Spidey can’t swim),  and at random times it just decides it won’t allow itself to swing from anything. Free moving by swinging around it easily one of this games worst things. Try map your left and right hand to each trigger so you have to alternate between us. It just doesn’t work unless you are going straight down a street. Any turning makes you lose it or going up and going. God forbid you should hit anything because then you’ll clip into the building, the camera will go insane, Spidey will have a seizure and you’ll lose all control of him.

Glitches and bugs this game are a huge deal. Web swing into anything and you’ll have a problem. Spidey has problems when there is more than one wall in front of him to climb on which results in you losing control of him and the camera. Same goes when trying to climb upside down, your camera then is useless. I found even free swinging that Spidey would clip or get stuck in cars, street lamps, trees, towers, and anything solid.

Combat though is a attempt at emulating the success of the free flow combat from the Batman Arkham series. It copies how it should look but not how it should play out. You have one button that controls his punches and another that counters. A marker will appear everything you can counter and even double counter. During a double counter though the chance of succeeding are low because of how the enemies are jammed so closely together. The camera also screws you as well during combat often with no seeing the enemies off screen with guns that are soaking bullets into you like soft bread. When you die you see a quick thing of Spidey falling through his eyes. For some reason the game also has stealth moments

Enemies are pretty brain dead in this game. They lose sight of you easily. You can run behind them without them noticing and you can even stealth kill one guy while another watches and you won’t have a problem. Even the bosses are stupid and just involve a QTE then a quick array of punches then rinse and repeat.

Cut scenes though look like they’ve been ripped straight from a PS2 game. Textures are ugly, details are blurry and people just look horrible. In game doesn’t get much better. Fast swinging down the street can look decent but most times just look incredible mediocre. The voice acting isn’t too great either and Spidey himself can be incredibly annoying since he refuses to shut up. If you aren’t in a main mission you will be reminded every 5 minutes by him what you are suppose to do and who you are suppose to go and see. He is almost as bad as Otis from the first Dead Rising game.

They do attempt to make some new things with certain enemy stronghold missions allowing you to unlock different Spidey suits that have different stats and abilities. You can also take off the costume and everything now and then go around as Peter Parker. Playing as Peter is cool for a entire two minutes until you realize you are just doing dialog scenes which feature multiple choices in a conversation tree that lead no where, have nothing to do with the story, and you don’t even have to choose them. You also have a bad version of Batman’s detective mode which in this game is just turning on Spidey sense and following the linear trail.

If all this hasn’t turned you off already I’ll just throw in the fact that there are hundreds of collectibles in game. Also when it loads you’ll have a few minutes to do something else as the load times are long and unneeded.

Overall even the diehard fans will leave this game disappointed. It’s a bad tie in to the film with too much wrong to have much fun with.


Score :



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