The Other Woman (2014) Movie Review

The Other Woman (2014) Movie Review
The Other Woman (2014) Movie Review

The Other Woman (2014) Movie Review

Released : April 25th, 2014

Genre : Comedy

Film Length : 109 Minutes


The Other Woman follows Carly who while attempting to surprise her boyfriend Mark at his house one night soon finds out that Mark is actually married. Shortly after Mark’s wife Kate soon sets out to find Carly and try to help her figure out and take solace in why her marriage is now destroyed. No sooner though does Carly and Kate realize that Mark is cheating on them both with another woman. After meeting the third woman Amber, they all 3 team up together to bring down Mark and his cheating self.

Now the female lead romantic comedy genre isn’t one that usually hits many high marks. The story for this actually does a decent job at making sure the story flows and no big plot points are occurring. Comedy though is what the main focus point is suppose to be but it ultimately lacking in. Every now and then there are some great scenes that will leave you laughing but I just found too many moments and jokes that fell flat. So much of the dialog is wrote around being humerus but it just doesn’t work. They also do resort to some simple sex and fart jokes as expected with the PG-13 rating you won’t get any of the extreme crude humor that a actress like Leslie Mann is usually associated with.

The Other Woman (2014)
The Other Woman (2014)


The greatest thing this film has going for it is the thing mains stars being Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton. Their on screen chemistry together is great and actually fun to watch. They are able to play off each other very nicely and their jokes actually work. It also doesn’t help that all three are attractive on the eyes either. Though at the end of the day Leslie Mann steals the show. Every scene she is in is gold. She is also the only character to show multiple emotions throughout the scene and actually act. Cameron Diaz pretty much just does the same act of icy bad girl role she had going for her in films like “Bad Teacher” and “The Counselor”. Sadly after those three main ladies much of the rest of the cast doesn’t help much. Nicki Minaj as Lydia who play Diaz’s friend and office assistant is a pain to watch on screen with horrible acting and a obnoxious voice. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Mark (Kate’s husband) seems to just phone in his role with the generic bad boy. Taylor Kinney plays Phil, Mann’s brother in the film who other than the role of the attractive man doesn’t add much. Though his side story between him and Diaz makes for quite the odd subplot based off the original premise. The star though who doesn’t get enough screen time is Don Johnson who plays Diaz’s wacky father with odd advice.

Overall while it may provide a few solid laughs and have a great female lead main cast it doesn’t hit all the marks it originally set itself to. Lacking the nonstop laughs it should of had and having phoned it performances from the side cast The Other Woman couldn’t achieve the greatest other films like it have had. It still though is decent enough for a watch but if you want something truly great just watch any of Leslie Mann’s other comedies like This Is 40.


Score : 5/10

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