Nurse (2014) Movie Review

Nurse (2014) Movie Review
Nurse (2014) Movie Review

Nurse (2014) Movie Review

Released : Feb. 7th, 2014

Genre : Horror

Film Length : 84 Minutes

Also Known As “Nurse 3D”


Nurse was a small horror movie set with Indy release in theaters with the added 3D bonus before landing on DVD. Is this one to watch out for or fall into the legion of other small name horror films?

The story follows Abby Russell who for her day job is a nurse at a highly respected hospital but by night she is on the prowl for married men determined to cheat and ruin the sanctity of their marriage. During her time at work though she interns a nurse in training named Danni who after taking her out for the night and having her way with she starts to become infatuated with. After realizing Danni isn’t interested at all Abby’s dedication turns deadly leaving a trail of bodies behind her while Danni soon finds out that there is more to Abby than anyone ever knew.

Now its hard to delve down deeper into the story for a few reasons, the first being that the story isn’t super deep. It does it job well enough to connect points but story wasn’t the main focus. Second point is that the story is just parts of other horror films molded into one with the most noticeable in my mind being the film Orphan.

Nurse (2014)
Nurse (2014)

Since story isn’t the strong point of the film sex / nudity and violence they nail on the head. The film isn’t for the younger crowd at all. There are just  a large amount of nudity (full frontal) and sex scenes. Usually I never mention these things but since this is one of the main things they flaut throughout the movie it is worth nothing. There is blood and lots of it. Violence is done is a over the top manner with the last 20 or so minutes being almost one long extensive fight / killing spree. They really go all out for the finale which actually makes the movie even more enjoyable.

One of the worst aspects however is the acting. Paz de la Huerta as Abby Russell while looking good enough has cringe worthy acting. It almost seems as if it is a struggle for her to speak throughout the movie. The same goes for Katrina Bowden who plays Danni. While looking good her acting is just mediocre and phoned in almost. The rest of the cast is unimpressive enough to remember but each at least can push through the movie without ruining it.

Overall Nurse turned out to be a very fun yet very adult themed gory horror thriller. With a lot of sex and violence to match you’ll be satisfied by the end of it. Worth the watch for sure.


Score :




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