Cognitive – Cognitive Review

Cognitive - Cognitive Review
Cognitive – Cognitive Review

Cognitive – Cognitive Review
Released : April 26th, 2014
Genre : Technical Death Metal

01. Cut the Fuck Up – 4:10
02. The Aftermath – 3:09
03. Blood Hungry – 3:14
04. Worlds Beneath – 3:22
05. Regurgitated Existence – 3:35
06. Oceanic Erosion – 1:57
07. Willingness of the Weak – 2:31
08. Imbuing of Wrath – 3:23
09. Fire from the Sky – 3:21
10. Affliction Humanity – 2:28

Cognitive are a technical death metal band hailing out of New Jersey who will soon be debuting their first self titled full length album. Does it stand out in the pack of tech death albums or shy quietly into the pack with the others?
Opening up the album is “Cut The Fuck Up” which actually differs from most of the other album. This track tends to go more towards a breakdown infused groove metal sound that would fit perfectly along older material from the likes of Whitechapel.

Going forth though you have songs like “Blood Hungry” that dwells more into the bass heavy riff full death metal of early years. The song itself isn’t necessarily fast but it is heavy and has the catchy riffs to be enjoyable. “Affliction Humanity” takes the popular trend of using audio clips from different news segments in the song which doesn’t add or take anything away from the rest of it. One of my biggest gripes with the album is that towards the end I felt like there was too much chugging in the guitar sounds. Add a few lackluster breakdowns with the chugging and for brief periods of time it sounded to sound like a deathcore album.

Even with those facts the album itself is still solid. Cognitive deliver the heaviness with glimpses of technicality and some throw ins to other genres while making a all around good album. While it may not do anything new for a bands debut album it is all around enjoyable and a good effort.

You can check out Cognitive at :


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