Run (2013) Quick Movie Review

Run (2013) Movie Review
Run (2013) Movie Review

Run (2013) Movie Review

Released : Aug. 15th, 2013

Reviewed : March 30th, 2014

Genre : Action

Film Length : 94 Minutes


Run is a small budget no name film (that is barely known in the US to my knowledge) that takes a load of mediocre things and tries to make them better by adding parkour as the main point of the film.

The film follows a father and son with whom the son is a common thief. They never stay in one place for too long and have a common set of rules to live by. Finally after years of running though they decide to go back to New York, the place where their trouble resides, to finally fix the past. Their past apparently involves mobsters, marriages, and a dead mother / wife / sister to a gangster. During this time however the son finally makes some friends with similar benefits and falls in love.

Now just typing that summary was like describing the plots to so many different films. Nothing in this film story wise is of any interest. It’s nothing new, nothing interesting, or even anything done well. The same can be said for the acting. Most of the kids acting is almost painful to watch. It really isn’t worth name dropping any of them either as the majority of them have done nothing. It may be worth nothing that Eric Roberts is in this film for a whole 5 minutes and his acting is laughable in the worst way.

For a film though that bases parkour as the main focus rarely does it impress. I feel like a majority of the films stunts were either just simple jumps over small objects and somersaults. Also for a sport that prides itself on the premise of free running to make your trip shorter the way in which they would do their parkour made it a longer trip almost. Towards the end when they add combat into the mix it is pointless. To believe that not only does these kids throwing themselves into armed men not only not hurt the kids themselves but also knock out these men for a long time make any sense. Thankfully right before / during the credits they show the stunt men actually doing parkour and that is by far the best of the film.

Overall there is very little to see in this film. Bad acting, a extremely generic story, and lackluster action make this film not have much to gloat about. Now I can see why it was never really pushed or released wide in  the states.


Score :



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