South Park The Stick Of Truth Game Review

South Park The Stick Of Truth Game Review
South Park The Stick Of Truth Game Review

South Park The Stick Of Truth Game Review

Released Date : March 4th, 2014

Reviewed : March 25th, 2014

Systems Released On : PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

System Reviewed : Xbox 360

Publisher : Ubisoft

Developer : Obsidian Entertainment



When it was announced that a turn based South Park game would be released people were skeptical. It continuously got pushed back and delayed however so the thought of a decent game was becoming a after thought for some. Thankfully however the time spent waiting turned out to be for something worth while.

Now the story for this game plays a rather large part so I will try to run through some key elements without spoilers. You play as “the new kid” who is a mute to say the least who moves with his parents to South Park to escape whatever troubled past he had. With his parents advice to make friends he quickly discovers the kids of South Park are deep into playing a role playing game and joins. From there on you discover “the stick of truth” which everyone wants, deal with a alien abduction, Nazi zombies, the homeless, the government and a taco bell conspiracy. The games story constantly is jumping around along with the numerous side quests which all have their own story for the most part as well.

Now South Park isn’t something that I normally find funny. For the most part I just don’t find the show to be that entertaining. That being said the game is hysterical. It is raunchy and vulgar in all the right places and the jokes rarely fall flat. Between the humor to other things in the South Park universe, popular pop culture, and jokes pertaining to the video game world everything works together well.

South Park The Stick Of Truth
South Park The Stick Of Truth

Graphics are one of the games strongest suits. The game is beautiful to say the least and looks almost exactly like the show does. The only time the game looks a little more catoonish than usual is doing the combat game play in which the game livens and brightens up some for the animation and game play. Speaking of game play you will run into two different types. Outside of combat the game is almost a point and click. Now that is where one of the biggest down falls to the game is. Running around South Park is fun for about 5 minutes. It quickly gets boring and repetitive. Often times the game has a hard time showing where you can and cannot run since it’s done in a 2D background with 3D figures. Now finding your way around is by far the worst thing about the map. The map and UI system is horrendous. Trying to find where to go can take forever since no directional system is in play. Add into that, that it can also be hard to figure out what to do with objectives as well. Sometimes the objectives can’t be clear on what to do or they will put you into a place where you can’t find where to go based off the environment not always being the clearest to look at.

The combat itself though takes cues from older to modern turn based RPG’s. At no point in time during combat are you ever not on guard. During the opponents turns you have the chance to block and if done correctly attack back. You can use melee or ranged attacks as well as special moves which drain your mana bar. By doing quests you also gain friends which you can call in for one time attacks that kill most normal enemies but can only be used once. By completing quests and winning battles your character can level up and add points to your skill tree for special attacks. By gaining friends throughout South Park you can also gain passive skills which help your character out.

Overall South Park is one game from a TV show that isn’t all too bad. With a hysterical, over the top, and crazy story that will have you laughing a ton, fun combat, and a good feel of South Park the game does a lot right. If they could only have fixed the user interface and added either a small map or better navigational tools the game would have hit that top tier of movie and tv show games that aren’t a complete wreck. Still though even with the flaws the game turns out to be a greatly fun experience for fan and non fans alike.

Score :



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