First Impressions : Thief

First Impressions :  Thief
First Impressions : Thief

First Impressions :  Thief

Release Date : Feb. 25th, 2014

Article Posted : March 6th, 2013

Systems Released On : Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC

System Played Game : Xbox 360

Developer : Edios Montreal

Publisher : Square Enix



First Impressions will be a new article series put out pertaining to games that I have played enough to voice my opinions on but either have not beaten (with no plan to continue) or a game that I only had for a limited amount of time. These articles will focus more on game play, graphics, and personal thoughts while leaving things like story completely out. Also since these will be for non-completed games they will not be receiving a score.

Thief the newest revival in the long running series this making its way to current and next-gen systems but from what I have gathered so far no all of it may not be as polished and great as many have wished. From your first look at the game it can be visually pleasing. While looking quite dark the environment does look impressive. Buildings and rooms have detailed textures and shading. I did notice that some things such as some boxes and enemies didn’t always look impressive and had some visual clipping going on.

What should be the main point which is game play; is lacking as well. The game plays similar to a stripped version of Dishonored. Stealth is your main element in a wide open world which was promised to be able to explore around. Instead though on missions you get a very small and ofter cramped world. Free running done decent with it feeling a slower version of Mirrors Edge. Though sticking the run button to the left trigger was a odd choice that never really feels right. Add in the fact that you are a Thief and can loot many items adds a boring twist onto the game. You don’t get a inventory for things you steal instead it just gives you a cash total for it. So theoretically you steal hundreds of items and are to believe your guy is just carrying them around.

Combat is a whole other story though. Your stealth knockouts mostly are boring to watch while using a bow to kill is even more useless. Head shots with the bow rarely would work for me and it took several normal arrows to take down someone. If by chance you have to fight however be prepared for clunky combat. The game clearly wasn’t made with any intention to do hand to hand.

Several missions in I felt I had experienced all I was going to, generic stealth mixed with bad combat, dark narrow environments, and just uninteresting game play left a stale taste in the mouth. I don’t think this was the huge hit they planned but instead was a game taking several ideas from other games and poorly doing them.


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