I,Frankenstein (2014) Movie Review

I,Frankenstein (2014) Movie Review
I,Frankenstein (2014) Movie Review

I,Frankenstein (2014) Movie Review

Released : Jan. 24th, 2014

Reviewed : Feb.8th, 2014

Genre : Action

Film Length : 92 Minutes


I, Frankenstein is the newest film based off a comic book to hit the big screen but does it work well enough to cement its place or does it fall short?

We start out at the end of the Frankenstein novel before being quickly thrown into this new story involving a war between demons and gargoyles. During the first few minutes of the film is when the majority of the films premise is set into place. They jam as much into it as possible during the time. Then we are quickly shown a montage of Frankenstein (who is later given the name Adam based off the 1818 book) of him training throughout the times before quickly going to modern day. Times are just thrown by too fast without much explaining or showing of Frankensteins growth and learning.

Aaron Eckhart (as Frankenstein / Adam) does the best he could do with the role. He takes the old thought of Frankenstein as a big brooding monster and instead turns him into average size muscular being. While his acting is rather bland and lifeless he at least is able to portray the new Frankenstein well even if they are trying to just turn him into a action hero. Bill Nighy (as usual) plays Naberius the lead demon. His does a solid role for this as it basically the same role he plays in most films like these. Jai Courtney as Gideon the lead protector for the Gargoyles does decent in his role as well. He has the look and feel for action scenes and I can see him doing well in supporting roles of his nature down the line. Writer/Director Stuart Beattie does a decent job directing this but most other characters are forgettable or play little to no role overall.

I,Frankenstein (2014)
I,Frankenstein (2014)

Thankfully the atmosphere for the film works taking cues from similar movies franchises like Underworld and Blade. The environment, look, and feel the movie pays homage with a dark Gothic horror aspect while adding that feeling of doom and dread with it. We can’t talk without mentioning the action scenes. With a PG-13 rating you can’t expect any blood or graphic dismemberment to go own instead routing for what the film Blade did with having the dead wither away with some cool special effects going with it. Each action scene feels different with most having large scales battles with it. Adam and the Gargoyles have cool and interesting weapons that would have been nice to see more in action too.

Overall while the film has it’s low points in story and didn’t do that well in theaters to expect a sequel or anything from it, it does exceed in some aspects. With good action scenes and atmosphere it will certainly keep you entertained. Worth a rental and view.


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